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The Photographs

The photographs on the pages of this website have been provided courtesy of ‘lifegames’ Photography, photographed by Elizabeth Richardson and resized specifically to display on the web. They are available for you to download and USE FREELY, provided you keep the watermark intact.

  • HIGH QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE – At YOUR request, super high quality, full resolution and watermark free images will be provided on a CD for you to own outright and use as you please (**also includes a bonus FREE domain name – see below) … $600

**Your BONUS FREE Domain Name

Unlike most other forms of advertising, a well constructed website is generally a ‘one-time’ investment and will be there to raise your business profile and attract new customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years to come. It can grow as YOUR BUSINESS grows, or stay the same according to your needs.

Besides the fact that good domain names are becoming increasingly scarce and because we are aware how important an on-line presence is (especially during a recession), we’ve concocted an amazing FREE Domain Name BONUS. Read on …

    • When you purchase the “High Quality Photography Package” listed above, WE’LL GIVE YOU THE DOMAIN NAME OF YOUR CHOICE (subject to availability) – COMPLETELY FREE. Grab it NOW!

      But Wait – There’s More!

      Even if you don’t NEED a website at the moment, having an on-line presence is definitely “the way of the future”. Don’t take my word for it, have a look at these statistics…

      So What’s The Deal?

      • To own a website JUST LIKE THIS installed on your choice of domain (subject to name availability of course) including 12 months website hosting in advance along with your FREE domain name … is only an extra $300.
      • What! That’s a whole lot of professionally prepared photographs as well as your own website including a domain name and the first 12 months of hosting, for only $900 in total!!! Most websites alone start at around $1500 and hosting is often hundreds of dollars as well. That’s an incredible saving. To find out what I’m talking about, just check out the starter website hosting packages alone at one of Australia’s top web hosts…

      What About The Future?

      • Well, it’s easier than you think. To maintain a compact website like this would really only require an upload of new photographs as your stock changes, perhaps 2 to 3 times per year. The picture slide-show on the main page is simply designed to give your visitors an IMPRESSION of quality and style and to display the wonderful array of unique and interesting products, jewelery, accessories, stones, plants, furniture, gifts and clothing stocked in Kush Kush that suit such an eclectic variety of tastes.
      • Who knows, you might even decide to trade on-line or offer mail order at some stage in the future, and your very own website is sitting here waiting for you to use. Good idea! I’ll take up that offer right now!

      More Amazing Offers

      As a VALUED CLIENT, further photographic sessions similar to the initial photo shoot are charged at ***HALF PRICE (that’s just $300) which gives you another set of full resolution pictures on CD to own and use as you please. (***Valid until December 23rd 2016 – maximum on-site photography shoots per 18 month period = 4)

      The Other Possible Incidental Costs

      Just so you know exactly what’s involved and because we believe in complete disclosure, if you decide to accept our website design package, the following ridiculously cheap charges may also be incurred later on.

      • Website Hosting after the first year = approx $60 per year
      • Domain Name Renewal after the first year = approx $13 per year
      • Website Maintenance to upload more photographs, make any other requested changes, or increase the size of the site = Approx $80 per hour.

      Last But Not Least

      Don’t forget, you are NOT obliged to accept any of our offers and we welcome you to use the watermarked photographs on these pages. Quality pictures like these are wasted sitting on a photographers computer, however, we really do work hard to make the photography and website design packages as attractive, affordable and as useful as possible.

      To accept any one of these amazing offers >> CLICK HERE NOW <<

      If there is anything else we can do for you or you have any questions at all, please contact –

      Elizabeth Richardson
      ‘lifegames’ Photography and Website Design
      38/326 Marine Parade
      Labrador 4215 GOLD COAST Queensland Australia
      Phone: 0459 675251


Whatever you choose to do, we wish you the very best.
Enjoy your special photographs!